Sleeves inner diameter from 34 - 72 mm 
• Universal tool for extracting and mounting the following: silent bearings, hydraulic bearings, ball bearings, rubber bearings, shift seals, bearing bushes, etc 
• Sleeves not hardened (only step discs are hardened) and thus they can be modified with e.g. fil to individual requirements 
• Complementary hydraulic, c-type clamp, universal base frame (for direct use on car) and other sizes sleeves and Spindles available separately 
• Can also be used with 12 ton hydraulic spindle (mueller 609 210, not included in offer) or Impact wrench for greater application of force 
• Includes spindle TR27 with press discs from press adapters with ball bearings to fit step and pull sleeve kit Mueller 609400

35 Piece Universal Press and Pull Sleeve Kit with XL C-Clamp with Vibro Impact S

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