• 10" Touchscreen Android-Based Tablet
  • Professional Key Programming With XP400 Programmer
  • Advanced Key and EDU/MCU Programming Functionality Read/Write
  • Key Read/Write Transponder Data (96 bit)
  • IC Card Read/Write
  • Includes MaxiFlash J2534 Pass-Thru Programming Device
  • Streamlined Smart and Expert Key Programming and IMMO
  • Includes 1-Year Software Updates and Warranty 


The MaxiIM IM608 is an advanced IMMO & key programming Android-based tablet with advanced vehicle diagnostics and services functions. The IM608 includes the expert-level XP400 key and chip programmer and the MaxiFlash JVCI ECU Bluetooth programmer with advanced IMMO and Key Programming features including Read PIN/CS (All Keys Lost), Key Generation and Key Learning, Backup / Restore IMMO Data and IMMO ECU Reset and Adaptation. 


The XP400 Key and Chip Programmer also enables the IM608 to perform MCU/ EEPROM Chip Read and Write, MC9S12 Encryption Chip Read/Write, Mercedes Benz Infrared Key Read/Write, Remote Frequency Detect and IC Card Read/Write. 


The IM608 is an all-systems code reader with AutoVin and AutoScan capability. Technicians can troubleshoot found faults with Freeze Frame and Live Data. The IM608 can also perform coding and adaptations. The IM608 also features a comprehensive Service menu featuring detailed instructions to perform common service functions including Oil and Maintenance Service Light resets, Electronic Parking Brake servicing, Steering Angle Sensor reset and Battery Maintenance. 
The IM608 comes with a one-year tablet/ XP400 and MaxiFlash warranty and free tablet function software and vehicle coverage updates for 12 months.

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Professional Key Programming Programmer