The Mini-Ductor Venom HP is the highest powered Mini-Ductor available. Generating Invisible Heat® to release metals from corrosion and thread lock compounds without the dangers of an open flame and up to 90% faster than conventional methods.

  • Highest Powered Available
  • Coil Twist Lock
  • LED Usage Indicator
  • Fan Operation Enhancements
  • Fault Override Delay
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • Mini-Ductor Venom HP Includes: Carry Case (MD50-003), > 7/8” Pre-Formed Coil (MD99-601), > U-Form Coil (MD99-602), and Bearing Buddy Coil (MD99-603) 
    BONUSThe Mini-Ductor Coil Kit is an accessory for Mini-Ductor. The kit enables the user to heat frozen or stuck nuts and bolts up to 1 1/2" in size. Includes: One 1 3/4" Preformed Coil (Part # MD99-607)
  • One 1 1/2" Preformed Coil (Part # MD99-608)
  • One 1 1/4" Preformed Coil (Part # MD99-609)
  • One 1" Preformed Coil (Part # MD99-610)
  • Two 7/8" Preformed Coil (Part # MD99-601)
  • One 3/4" Preformed Coil (Part # MD99-611)
  • One 7/8" Preformed Coil (Part # MD99-605)

INDUCTION INNOVATIONS Mini-Ductor® Venom® HP Promo Kit With Coils

SKU: IIMDV-787-50