With a flexible, 12-inch shaft the STEELMAN Spark Plug Starter makes installing hard to reach spark plugs much easier, saving both your time and your knuckles. The hand-driven knob gives the same tactile feedback as traditional hand starting and allows you to feel if a plug is aligned properly and prevent accidental cross-threading. The 12-inch flexible shaft can bend and adjust to fit each individual plug location and the knob will turn in any configuration while the spark plug holding end can accommodate most brands and sizes of spark plugs allowing for use on a wide range of cars, trucks, and other vehicles.


  • EASY ACCESS - Easily access hard-to-reach spark plugs
  • 12-INCH FLEXIBLE SHAFT - The 12-inch flexible shaft bends and adjusts to fit each individual plug location
  • HAND DRIVEN - Spark plug is started by a hand driven twist knob that rotates both the plug and the tip
  • PREVENT CROSS-THREADING - Hand driven extension helps to prevent cross-threading
  • SAVE TIME AND KNUCKLES - By making it easy to get to difficult to install plugs this tool saves both time and your knuckles
  • UNIVERSAL FIT - Fits most brands and sizes of spark plugs

Steelman Pro Flexible 12-Inch Spark Plug Starter

SKU: 08310R